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 Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I buy online?
Choose your inflatable and then add it to the cart. Complete the checkout process (including address and payment details), wait for the confirmation and there you have it! Your bouncy castle will be on it's way to you.

2) Can I hire your inflatables for my event? 
We do not offer hire or rental. We sell our units to everyone. 

3) Where can I find your prices? 
On the product pages!

4) When will my bouncy castle be delivered?
If you order before 12pm we can dispatch your inflatable for delivery the next working day*! 
*Subject to stock availability and delivery address.

5) What's included in the price?
All our inflatables come complete with the following items:

  • No blower as standard on this site;
  • Anchor pegs;
  • Initial safety certificate;
  • Operating instructions;
  • 12 months back to base warranty;
  • Storage bag.

6) Can I buy through Airquee's main website?
Yes - but not online! The Airquee Online website is dedicated to our Online range which is only available online, not through the Airquee Sales team. We're still delighted to help you with any bespoke or custom made units. If you want anything that isn't shown in the Online range, including slides, obstacle courses, pool inflatables, or you want themes or customised elements not offered then you will need to go through the normal sales process with Airquee. 

7) Why don’t we offer all of the FREE stuff that other companies offer?
It’s the old saying: “If it’s too good to be true then it probably is.” Take a look at their disclaimers. Often what is being offered are free anyway, such as things like Yell & Thompson Local listings. Don’t be blinded by misleading claims.

8) Why don’t you offer a 3 Year Warranty like some other companies?
The industry standard has always been 12 months. If other companies are offering warranties over 12 months then there will be so many conditions attached that the warranty will be worthless. If in doubt, always ask to see their warranty terms.

9) Do you produce copyright artwork, such as Disney, Frozen, etc.? 
No. Using copyrighted artwork without a licence is illegal and anyone caught may be prosecuted and their inflatables confiscated.

Check out our licensed products and artworks click here. 

10) Why do I have to have an Airquee fan if I want a PIPA on my castle?
Because the fan is part of the PIPA inspection we have to supply the fan with the unit if you want to receive it with a PIPA tag and certificate.
If you have your own fan, we can use that in a PIPA inspection but it would need to be arranged with our Repairs department for a later date. 
The serial number of the fan is noted on the inspection documentation. When the inflatable undergoes its annual PIPA inspection, the same fan would need to accompany the inflatable and would also be PAT tested.

11) Why doesn't your website display properly on my screen?
Our website tries very hard to be as clever and helpful as it can - this means however, if you are using an old browser, they may have trouble keeping up!


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