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All industries have their own terms and slang, the inflatable world is no different! This page has explanations for some of the more common acronyms and terms you might come across.

HSE – Health & Safety Executive - this body provides regulatory framework for work place health and safety in Great Britain. They enforce H&S Standards in the UK.

EN Standard – Within this website, this usually refers to the EN14960:2013 (unless otherwise stated). See BS EN Standard.

PUWER 1998/9 - Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations – see the useful information page.

PLI - Public Liability Insurance - see the useful information page.

PIPA - The PIPA scheme is designed to help you meet your obligations under Health and Safety legislation. Bouncy castles, and inflatable slides and obstacle courses are covered by the scheme, but inflatables such as bungee runs, pool inflatables and rodeo bulls are not. For more information visit the PIPA website.

PIPA inspection – An annual inspection that complies with PIPA regulations and requirements carried out by an RPII Registered Inspector.

RPII - The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) is the official UK body for examining, accrediting and certificating inflatable, indoor and outdoor play inspectors. The inspector must be RPIII certified to carry out a PIPA Inspection. For more information visit the RPII website.

H&S/Health & Safety Inspection - An annual inspection carried out by competent inspectors on inflatables. Even if you choose not to use the PIPA scheme with your inflatables you should have your inflatable inspected annually.

PAT Testing - Portable Appliance Test - this test is required for fans and electrical cables. This test is included in a PIPA inspection but must be requested separately for an annual Health & Safety Inspection.

Dry hire – This is a hire here you can drop off the bouncy castle, set it up (remember this is often an insurance requirement) and leave the person in charge of the event with instructions. You do not stay to supervise. You will need to tell event organisers to check their insurance as most hirer insurance doesn’t cover a dry hire.

Wet hire – This is a hire where you setup, stay and supervise the inflatable for the length of the hire.

Fan/Blower/Pump – These are all different terms for the equipment used to inflate the bouncy castle.

Stakes/pegs – Different names for the anchor pegs used to anchor the bouncy castle down for safety.

TIPE - The Inflatable Play Enterprise (TIPE) is a service to its subscribers that will assist them in running a successful, safe and profitable business -www.tipe.co.uk.

BIHA - The British Inflatable Hirers Alliance offers resources, support and forums for owners & operators of inflatables - www.biha.org.uk.

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