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All Airquee and Airquee Online units are made in compliance with the European Standard EN14960:2013. Every new unit made is issued with a certificate confirming this.


Airquee Ltd can carry out repairs on any and all bouncy castles, bouncers, pool inflatables, aqua runs, sealed inflatables and air tight inflatables. Whether you have the smallest of 10x10 bouncy castles for garden hire and rentals or a giant air building, Airquee have a highly skilled team who can repair any type of inflatable. Don’t forget that we will repair and test any inflatable, even if we didn’t make it!

Our repair work is done in our factory in Cwmbran, where we have two registered inspectors. We will collect your unit and transport it to our repair centre. If you have given the specifics of the repair needed, it goes straight on the table. An expert will inflate the unit and quote for any repairs that are necessary. We will then contact you for approval to carry out the necessary work and let you know when you can expect to have your inflatable returned. After the quote is approved we will carry out the work and send your unit back. All our repairs are covered by a 3 month warranty.

If you have multiple units or it’s just not possible for you to send the unit to us we can arrange to visit your site. This is possible for health and safety/PIPA testing and minor repairs. Major works however would have to come back to our factory to make use of our specialist equipment.Every unit we sell comes complete with a repair kit for minor repairs. This kit includes PVC patches, glue, needle and thread. We sell these kits individually; please call us if you would like to order one. We can dispatch the kit for next day delivery if required.

Airquee Ltd also carry inflatables in stock for temporary rental or immediate sale and delivery. 


All inflatables should have an annual inspection, whether a PIPA inspection for land inflatables or Health & Safety inspection for pool inflatables or soft play.

PIPA certified units are becoming more and more requested and Airquee can provide all inspection documentation. Airquee recommends inspections are carried out to the EN14960 standard using RPII inspectors. Airquee has registered RPII play inspectors and we can perform PIPA inspection on your units at competitive prices, for quotations please call our team today. Inspecting is a HSE backed scheme which ensures that your bouncy castle conforms to the latest version of the EN 14960 Inflatable Play Equipment Standard. Airquee takes pride in manufacturing fully EN 14960 compliant bouncy castles and inflatables. A PIPA inspection must include the fan/blower used with the bouncy castle or inflatalbe, and if the unit is used outdoors the pegs/stakes also need to be inspected. 

The PIPA scheme doesn’t apply to pool inflatables but it is best practice to have them inspected annually. We offer Pool Inflatable Safety Inspections, also known as a Health & Safety inspection. 



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