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So you want to become a business owner?

Being a bouncy castle hirer can be a fantastic and fun but be prepared to put some hard work in! One thing that established companies will tell you in this game, you get back what you put in – it can be hard work but very rewarding!

Is hiring Bouncy Castles for you?

Still up for it? If the answer is yes then you're off to a great start! At Airquee Online we want to help you make a success of your business venture! Whether it’s going to be a part-time gig or a full time business venture our aim is to make it easier for you, with advice, tips and information on how to keep the bounce in your business. See below some things you might want to consider.


Do your research:

  • What other hire companies are already in your area?
  • What are the other local companies offering?
  • What range of inflatables do they supply?
  • Can you offer something different, maybe a better service?

A bit of research before you get started can make a huge difference to the success of a start up.


What units should you get?

  • The best advice for a new hirer is to keep it small and simple to begin with. You could start with two 12 x 12 A Frame Bouncy Castles or one 12 x 12 and one Front Combi in unisex themes - these are the common, wide-appeal units that will be most in demand.
  • Although you might want to get something amazing and different to stand out, wait until you have built up practice and reputation.
  • Don’t rush into expanding until you have the demand – you’re best off learning to handle the inflatables, being able to manage them, and above all making sure you like them!
  • As with all industries, children’s play equipment goes through different phases and fashions. At the moment an area of the market that is expanding is equipment for under-5s. Once you have established yourself/your business you could consider inflatables like the Airquee Playzone with some soft play, which are growing in demand.

What should you charge?

  • This can vary from one area to another - it's always worth looking around to see what the average charge is in your area.
  • Although it might be tempting to go lower than competitors, you don't want to under value your time and service.
  • Our experience in the industry shows that all the best hirers sell on the service they offer – there is always money in the industry if you’re good at it!
  • Work out your costs – it might be worth trying different techniques, such as confirming bookings only when the deposit has received. Will you charge for delivery? How far will you go for a hire?
  • Think of how you are happy to accept payment: Credit cards and cheques, nowadays, Paypal, cash.
  • What will you do if the weather lets you down? Will the units still go out? What’s the risk of cancellations?

How much time can or do you want to spend on your hire business?

  • Some people fit hiring around their other job(s), others make it a full time commitment.

How many people will be working with you? 

  • If you can only do weekends you may only need one or two units. If there's a team to set up, then you can have bigger heavier units, but if you'll be doing it all yourself you want something lighter and easier to manage.

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