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Business strategy

 1. First things first, you need a company name - it might seem unimportant to begin with but it is the foundation of a business! Choose something unique, at least in your area, and related to the market you're aiming at and services you offer.

2. Can you get a website for that company name? Make sure you have a professional business email address if possible. Consider buying both the co.uk and .com domains for your company name. Nowadays a website is essential and there various options available to you.

  • Build your own - If you’re building your own, you should try to put as much time and effort in to it as possible and keep it up to date.
  • Bespoke design - If you use a company to build and design it for you, don’t get complacent. The more you update your site, the higher it will stay in internet search rankings.
  • Off the shelf – The market leaders for off the shelf bouncy castle websites are Bouncy Castle Network. Airquee are able to offer a £100 voucher to be used against their Mega Pack with your first bouncy castle order.

3. Make a business strategy and budget - Know what you’re doing, keep organised.

  • Remember the details of a hirer business such as the costs of storage, times when the unit isn’t out, cleaning time, rent and rates, advertising costs, and repairs or inspection costs.
  • Have an idea about how long it will take to regain the costs of the inflatable with your hire charge. How often will it go out?
  • Don’t rely on repeat business! There’s always the risk of getting complacent and there are always other businesses out there ready to step in. You can start with the best in the market but you have to invest time and effort to keep it going!

4. Check your information – just because someone wrote something on a Facebook page, it doesn’t mean that they’re right!

6. Consider your backup plan in case of emergencies – is it worth having a spare unit and fan?

7. Be reliable – build a good reputation and remember - being the cheapest isn’t the same as being the best!

8. Paperwork - No one likes it, but if done correctly it can save so much time and avoid problems in the long run.


  • Although it is not a legal requirement to have insurance, consider the consequences if you don’t have it! You have insurance in case of something going wrong, and whilst you might not need it, it’s there if you ever do. Obtaining bouncy castle insurance that covers all eventualities should be a top priority.
  • Even fun and seemingly harmless events can end in accidents. If a child lands awkwardly or falls off the bouncy castle and injures them self, as the provider/operator of the equipment you may be left at risk to claims for compensation, whether the blame should rightfully fall on you or not
  • Your inflatables may be stolen, vandalised, damaged or destroyed by fire or another unforeseen circumstance, or your pumping equipment may cease to work. Such events can cause you to lose out on valuable business, in addition to creating extra costs associated with replacing or repairing the damaged equipment. Even for established companies, it can be hard to bounce back at times like these
  • If you do have insurance it will most likely require some sort of annual inspection on the inflatable. If you do decide to go without insurance it is at your own risk, with individual liability.
  • For a list of the top four insurance companies see our industry links page.

Risk Assessments.

  • It all depends on the site where the inflatable is being used. Again, it’s worth taking the time to do as it covers you in the event of anything happening.
  • We can point you in the right direction and provide operating instructions with all our units but risk assessments have to be done by you.

Hire Terms and Conditions.

It is important to have a set of hire terms and conditions. For more information on terms and conditions visit www.tipe.co.uk or www.biha.org.uk.

Hire Contracts.
Hire contracts are essential when delivering your inflatables, they should be signed and dated by your customer agreeing to your terms and conditions. For more information of terms and conditions visit www.tipe.co.uk or www.biha.org.uk.

See our Industry Links page for further guides.


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