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Painting or digital printing?

There is ongoing discussion about printing or painting and which is best for durable artwork.

At  we can use both methods on our bespoke or customised units.  

The Airquee Online range 
is manufactured and printed with digitally printed artwork in the Airquee factory in Romania. The quality is supported with a 100% money back guarantee.

Digital Printing

There are persistent rumours that digital printing  can peel, crack, rub off or run off – This is not true. This is an out of date argument, more relevant 10 years ago than today. These days printing material, printing machines, inks and protective coverings have advanced incredibly in the bouncy castle industry. Manufacturing knowledge has also increased, improving techniques in application and throughout the entire process; all this has made a huge difference.


Hand painting can be regarded as dull and old fashioned – This is not true. Hand painting can be beautiful and modern. These days paints are more colourful, more durable and long lasting. The limitation of painted artwork is in most cases down to the limit of the painter’s ability. Airquee have more than 5 painters who we believe are among the most creative and imaginative in the industry.


Digital Printing                  Painting       
More complex Traditional
More vibrant More individual
Consistent Can be applied to any material
Pantone match  
Modern reputation  



Digital Printing                  Painting       
Can be expensive Can be expensive
Requires specialist material Harder to clean
Outdated bad reputation Can be less detailed
  Harder to match artwork exactly
  Slow process


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