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2HP 240v Fan with Metal Case

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While the units currently sold on this website all use a 1.5hp fan we know that you might have other inflatables that need a little more power. 

This fan can be operated from a generator. To operate one fan you will need a minimum of a 2.2kva generator. If using more than one fan from a generator ensure you have the correct power generator. On first start up the fan requires more power so the generator should be started and then add each fan one at a time.

This fan is water resistant but not waterproof. It should not be submerged or stood in water. If operated outdoors all electrical connectors must be suitable for outdoor use.

Voltage 220-230V 50Hz
Power 1500W  (2.0Hp)
Current Max 9.6A
Protection Class IP 55
Speed 2820 Rpm



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